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Course Descriptions

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Course Handouts

Below are the course handouts that have been shared.  If more become available they will be posted here. 

1.02A - Speaker: Dr. Kyle Cheatham Title: Orbit Neuro-Ophthalmological Disorders Update
1.04 - Speaker:  Dr. Jeff Speers Title: Eye-Natomy: A Quick Review Of Ocular Tissue
1.06A - Speaker: Dr. Kyle Cheatham Title: Anterior Segment Topics – Rapid Fire
1.09A - Speaker: Drs Khan and Baldry Title: Low Vision for the Private Practitioner: It's Easier Than You Think!
1.10 – Speaker: Marilyn Smith Title: Ten Things to Check Before an RX Recheck
1.11A - Speaker: Dr. Kyle Cheatham Title: Interactive Quiz-Bowl Competition
1.12A - Speaker: Dr. Nancy Torgerson - Title: Perceptive Perspective: Looking At Learning Related Visual Problems
1.13 - Speaker:  Marilyn Smith Title: Dispensing the High & Unusual Spectacle Rx   
1.13 – Speaker: Marilyn Smith Title: Are You Being Served - The 2017 Optometry Office
1.14A – Speaker: Dr Cheryl Letheren Title: Concussion Therapy for Optometrists
2.01B- Speaker: Raymond Stein, MD, FRCSC - Breakfast and Learn #1 Title:Corneal Laser for Age-related Macular Degeneration SerendipitousDiscovery - Breakthrough Technology
2.02B- Speaker: Dr. Sondra Black - Breakfast and Learn #2 Title: CorrectingPresbyopia and Astigmatism using Innovative IOL Technology
2.03B - Speaker: Dr. Lisa Prokoch - Breakfast and Learn #3 Title: Dry Disease Update: Management of Dry Eye Disease
2.06A - Speaker: Dr. Kyle Cheatham Title: Posterior Segment Update
2.10A - Speaker: Dr. Kyle Cheatham Title: Herpes Simplex Update
2.15A - Speaker: Dr. Kyle Cheatham Title: Glaucoma Management and Surgical Update
2.17 - Speaker: Dr Peng Yan Title: Retina OCT Interpretation and Cases AND Update on Diabetic Retina Diseases and Real World Application
2.18A - Speaker: Dr. Kyle Cheatham Title: Uveitis
/Pharmacology Update
2.19A - Speaker: Terry Welch - Patient and Retail Excellence Program - Title: Sales is not a Dirty Word!
3.02A – Speaker: Dr Richard Maharaj Title: A Pain in the Eyes: The Shadows of Dry Eye Disease COPE#52992
3.03A - Speaker: Dr. Keyvan Koushan - Title: OCT - Angiography
3.07A- Speaker: Dr. Richard Maharaj - Title: Fast and Furious Breakup Time –Managing Evaporative Stress and Building the Dry Eye Niche
3.10 – Speaker: Dr Cheryl Letheran Title: The Eyes Have It: The Vision System in Concussion-1 of 2
3.10 – Speaker: Dr Cheryl Letheran Title: The Eyes Have It: The Vision System in Concussion-2 of 2

1.14A & 3.10A Concussion Seminar Handouts:

A Brief Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening Assessment to Evaluate Concussions.pdf

Examining Recovery Trajectories After Sport Related Concussion.pdf

Sample Documents for Diagnosed Concussions.pdf

A Comprehensive, Targeted Approach to Clinical Care of Athletes.pdf

Identification of Binocular Vision Dysfunction (Vertical Heterophoria).pdf

SCAT3 Sport Concussion Assessment.pdf

Association of Football Subconcussive Head Impacts.pdf

Identification of Binocular Vision Dysfunction In Traumatic Brain Injury.pdf

Sport Concussion Assessment Tool.pdf

Central Nervous System.pdf

Management of Acute Symptoms Algorithm.pdf

Symptoms Chart.pdf


NSUCO Oculomotor Test.pdf

The Development Model of Vision.pdf

Concussed Kids Who Get Active Early Seem To Recover Better.pdf

Oculo-Visula Evaluation of the Patient with Traumatic Brain Injury.pdf

Traumatic Brain Injury and Vestibule-Ocular Function.pdf

Concussion and Mild TBI.pdf

Optometric Management of Sports-Related Post-Concussion Visual Symptoms.pdf

Vestibular Disorder Chart.pdf

Concussion Care.pdf

Optometric Management of a Post-Concussion Patient.pdf

Vestibular Ocular-Motor Screening.pdf

Concussion in Ice Hockey.pdf

Profile of Testing.pdf

Vision Therapy Assessment.pdf

Diagnostic Tests for Concussion.pdf

Return to Learn Communication Tool.pdf

Visual Field.pdf

Disequilibrium Evaluation Form.pdf

Return to Play Communication Tool.pdf

Where & What Chart.pdf

TPA update text book: Optometrists registering for Dr Kyle Cheatham’s TPA Update can also purchase a companion textbook for the sessions. Discount provided for OAO members. Please click on this link to order your book today.


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