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Fight Back with Libby Znaimer - Zoomer Radio: Ontario Optometrists Continue To Call On The Province For Increased Funding 

Norfolk Today: Ontario Association of Optometrists redirecting patients to hospitals

Moose FM 93.1/ My Timmins Now: Optometrists demand that province negotiate sustainable fee structure

Breakfast Television Toronto: Optometrists calling on province for increased funding

101.3 Milton Now: The next time you see an eye doctor, you can be referred to a hospital, here's why

The Brantford Expositor: Optometrists protest provincial underfunding

Zoomer Radio: OAO Funding Dispute with Province Escalates

Globe and Mail: Ontario optometrists are referring patients to hospitals in a bid to address underfunding

Newstalk 1010: Optometrists Protest

Global News Radio: 980 CFPL: Dr. Jason Morris on issues that optometrists are currently facing

Toronto Star: Ontario optometrists are redirecting patients to ERs to protest underfunding. The strategy is costing the province $250,000 a day

Port Dover Maple Leaf: Local optometrists say "OHIP is broken for eye care"

Global News Radio: 640 Toronto: Optometrists seek changes to OHIP

CTV Windsor: Optometrists call for changes to OHIP coverage

North Bay Nugget: North Bay eye exam a lifesaver

The Madawaska Valley Current: Porch views: Corrective lenses, COVID-19, OHIP underfunding and the future of eye care

CBC Radio Canada (Francais): The effect of the pandemic on optometrists

The Kingston Whig Standard: Optometrists say provincial underfunding puts eyecare at risk

Zoomer Radio: OAO Calls on Province To Provide More Funding For Eye Healthcare

Global News: Ontario optometrists raise alarms about eye care deficiencies 

CTV Your Morning: Ontario might be facing an optometry crisis

The Province: Reader letter: Eye care in jeopardy without improved government support

CFMJ-AM (AM 640): "We provide more than just diagnosing vision problems": Optometrists call on government for overhaul of OHIP funding 

The Sault Star: Pros best prepped to treat routine, chronic eye concerns: SAH

CTV Ottawa News at Noon (CJOH): Call For Better Eyecare Coverage

Stratford Beacon Herald: Letters: Eye care shortfall; driver test lineup

BlackburnNews.com: Optometrists hold work action to address rising costs

The London Free Press: OHIP shortfalls, COVID-19 restrictions threaten eye care access: optometrists

CBC Listen: Afternoon Drive with Chris dela Torre: Optometrist Job Action

Stratford Beacon Herald: Optometry facing a 'crisis' - association

CTV News London at 6 pm (CFPL): Optometrists say COVID-19 pushing them to edge

CTV News Northern Ontario: Northern Ontario optometrist calling for solution to decades old problem

CTV News London: Optometrists facing hard decisions when it comes to keeping practices open

Sudbury.com: Letter: Sudbury optometrists says he can't afford to provide OHIP-funded eye exams anymore

The Rush with Ryan and Jay  (CFRB-AM Newstalk 1010): Dr. Sheldon Salaba 

AM 980 Global News Radio London: Optometry and OHIP Concerns

Sudbury.com: Access to eye care could be in a crisis in Northern Ontario, says optometrists group

CBC Up North Radio: Ontario optometrists lobbying for increase to provincial payments for eye exams

Sault Online: Seeing The Value in Optometry Local Clinics Band Together

OnRichmondHill.com: Ontario's Eye Care Crisis: Visible For All To See 

Inside Halton.com: Opinion: Eyecare in Ontario post-COVID

Muskoka 4-1-1: Ontario Faces Crisis As Millions of Eye Exams in Jeopardy

Goderich Signal Star: Ontario's Eye Care Crisis: Visible For All To See

More Media Coverage:

CTV Canadian Health and Family: Understanding Dry Eye Disease
Dr. Richard Maharaj discusses dry eye management.

CBC Radio Canada: Y a pas deux pareils: Take Care of Your Eyes While Working From Home: Advice From An Optometrist 
Dr. Bergeron speaks to Marjorie April on taking care of your eyes while working from home.

Zoomer Radio: Fight Back with Libby Znaimer: Will Virtual Eye Care Become the Norm Post COVID-19?
OAO past president, Dr. Joshua Smith, joins Libby Znaimer to discuss what the future may hold for teleoptometry.

Toronto Star: Is all this screen time damaging my eyes? (Yes. But here's what to do).
OAO member, Dr. Ritesh Patel, discusses how to manage screen time and strain on our eyes. 

Zoomer Radio: Fight Back with Libby Znaimer: Eye Care in Ontario Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

OAO president, Dr. Joshua Smith, discusses how the pandemic affects optometrists, and virtual care.

Optical Prism Magazine Profile on Dr. Ritesh Patel - January 2020 Issue 
OAO member, Dr. Ritesh Patel, discusses his career journey as an optometrist. 

Optical Prism Magazine Profile on Dr. Corina Buettner- November 2019 Issue
OAO member, Dr. Corina Buettner, discusses her background and path working as an optometrist.

Eye Damage can be Scary Prospect at Halloween - October 25, 2019
OAO member, Dr. Christina Schropp, shares the serious effects Halloween cosmetic contact lenses can have on your eyes.

Optical Prism Magazine Profile on Dr. Jessica Hall - October 2019 Issue
OAO member, Dr. Jessica Hall, discusses her background and career path in optometry. 

Good Vision and Overall Health are Vital For Learning - Breakfast Television - September 4, 2019  
OAO members Dr. Shannon Fernandez and Dr. Deepak Malkani discuss the importance of eye exams as part of your "back to school" checklist. 

NEXTGEN: ECPs can be lifesavers - Optical Prism March 2019

OAO member Dr. Saed Isaac discusses the importance of seeing your optometrist regularly not just for eye health, but overall health. 

In Studio with Natasha Mckenty - Summer Edition: Healthy Eyecare

OAO member Dr. Debbie Jones discusses eye health tips and her recent study on the increase in nearsightedness, particularly in children.

Optical Prism Magazine Profile on OAO President - July 2019 Issue
OAO President, Dr. Joshua Smith, discusses his background and experience working in optometry at multiple levels. 

Why you should never buy sunglasses that don’t have this label
Dr. Mike Rotholz shares the importance of wearing UV protected sunglasses and what to look for when purchasing sunglasses for the family.

Are You Experiencing Low Vision? Find Out The Signs and What You Can Do Today to Help - Classical FM - May 31, 2019
OAO member Dr. Juricic chats about low vision and the many ways optometrists can help patients.

Get Your Eyes Tested by an Opera Singing Optometrist! - Zoomer Breakfast Radio - May 31, 2019
OAO member Dr. Alvin Yang talks about the types of things optometrists can uncover during an eye exam.

The importance of eye checkups - Breakfast Television - May 29th, 2019
OAO member Dr. Mike Rotholz shares the importance of seeing your optometrist regularly for a comprehensive eye exam.

This is what you need to know about computer vision syndrome - CTV Toronto Your Morning - May 29, 2019
OAO member Dr. Ritesh Patel highlights how Ontarians can protect their eyes from the effects of screens.

It's easy to book an eye exam, no more eye-scuses! - Newstalk 1290 - May 27, 2019
Dr. Wes McCann chats with NewsTalk 1290 about OAO's recent study showing Millenials and Gen Xers are unaware of how easy it is to book and attend an eye exam with an optometrist.

No More Eyescuses! Dr. Joseph Chan Tells Breakfast Radio Why Getting Your Eyes Checked is SO Important - Zoomer Breakfast Radio - May 22, 2019
OAO member Dr. Chan speaks about children’s vision, including the best time to book a child’s first appointment and the early warning signs that parents need to be aware of.

Sunglasses are a lot more important than you think - CTV Toronto Your Morning - May 22, 2019
OAO member Dr. Ritesh Patel highlights how optometrists help Ontarians protect their eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Eye exam uncovers brain tumor - CTV Ottawa Morning Live - May 21, 2019
OAO Vice-President, Dr. Thomas Noel demonstrates how optometrists can uncover signs of various health issues during an eye exam by sharing the story of one of his patients.

Zoomer Radio Host Libby Znaimer Visits Dr. Ritesh Patel - Zoomer Week in Review - May 19, 2019
Libby Znaimer learns that there is more to healthy eyes than one might think, after an eye exam with OAO member Dr. Ritesh Patel.

Screen Time, Dry Eyes, Clean Eyelids and Blue Lenses – Are you Taking Proper Care of Your Eyes? - Zoomer Breakfast Radio - May 17, 2019
OAO member Dr. Maharaj chats about dry eyes, screen time, and why people need to have their eyelids cleaned.

Stop the Eyescuses and Book an Eye Exam - NewsWire - May 16, 2019
Featuring OAO President Dr. Joshua Smith, recent survey results find Ontario Millennials and Gen Xers are making "eyescuses" about why they don't get their eyes check on a regular basis.

The eyeball whisperer: Dr. Ritesh Patel on maintaining healthy eyes - Zoomer Breakfast Radio - May 8, 2019

 OAO member Dr. Ritesh Patel appeared as a guest on Zoomer Radio to chat about eye health and the importance of visiting your optometrist.

Ontario may let pharmacists prescribe treatments for minor issues like pink eye - CBC News Toronto - April 18, 2019
OAO President, Dr. Joshua Smith comments on the government's plan to expand scope of practice for optometrists

OAO member Dr. Joe Chan speaks about the risk of dry eye in children due to excessive screen time.

Mike Alan interviews his dry eye doctor - 101.1 More FM - Apr 1, 2019
OAO member Dr. Richard Maharaj speak with his patient, radio host Mike Alan about his dry eye condition.

You miss 100 per cent of the shots you can’t see - Bay Today - Feb. 17, 2019
In this op-ed, OAO member Dr. Gary Pearce explains the importance of eye health and optometry in the lives of athletes.

Sunglasses do more than just make you look cool - Ottawa Citizen - Feb. 15, 2019
OAO member Dr. David Chisholm discusses the importance of sunglasses when driving.

Prevent digital eye strain - Grey-Bruce Kids Magazine - Winter 2018/19
OAO member Dr. Kristen Robinson shares with readers the effects digital screens can have on a child's vision and eye health. 

Low vision - Grey-Bruce Boomers Magazine - Winter 2018/19
OAO member Dr. Kristen Robinson explains how an optometrist can help prevent low vision. This article was also published in Huron-Perth Magazine

The importance of eye care - Daytime Ottawa - Nov. 29, 2018
OAO Vice-President, Dr. Thomas speaks with Daytime Ottawa about the importance of optometry and comprehensive eye exams.

Don't take vision for granted - Toronto.com - Nov. 14, 2018
OAO member Dr. Ivy Koh explains how annual visits to an optometrist can help patients catch and treat many chronic diseases. 

Survey shows 'alarmingly' low use of optometrists - North Bay Nugget - Nov. 13, 2018
Featuring OAO President Dr. Joshua Smith and member Dr. Gary Pearce, recent survey results regarding optometry are discussed. 

Local optometrist says be careful if wearing cosmetic contact lenses this Halloween - Bay Today - Oct. 31, 2018
OAO member, Dr. Mike Cobean discusses the dangers of Halloween/cosmetic contact lenses.

Why eye exams are a crucial component of your child's education - CTV London - Aug. 31, 2018
OAO member Dr. Wes McCann sits down with CTV London to explain the critical role comprehensive eye exams play in a child's education.

Le syndrome de l'oeil sec en hausse chez les jeunes Canadienne
(Dry Eye Syndrome on the rise in young Canadians)
OAO member Dr. Mark Eltis speaks with CBC about the rise of Dry Eye Syndrome among young Canadians. 

Extreme cost of diabetes: 2,000 amputations in Ontario a year - Ontario Today - May 23, 2018
OAO President, Dr. Joshua C. Smith details the importance of optometric preventative care for individuals with diabetes. 

Ontario medical professionals pressing province for fee hikes to cope with minimum wage - Globe and Mail - May 13, 2018
Health professionals, including optometrists seek fee increase due to higher costs, such as labour expenses. 

Zoomer Radio and Classical FM at Symposium and InfoMart - Zoomer Media - April 13 - 14, 2018
Zoomer Radio and Classical FM interviews OAO members at Symposium to educate listeners on the importance of eye health and comprehensive eye exams. 

Eye Week: OAO partners with TVOkids - TVO - April 1 - 7, 2018
OAO and TVOkids partners to further highlight children's vision and the Eye See...Eye Learn program. 

10 things to remember on trick-or-treat night - CBC Kitchener-Waterloo - Oct. 31, 2017
Tips on how to have a safe Halloween, including the risks of wearing cosmetic contact lenses.

Wearing cheap costume contact lenses may have consequences, UW prof warns - CBC Kitchener-Waterloo - Oct. 31, 2017
OAO member Dr. Lyndon Jones details the dangers of wearing cheap cosmetic contact lenses.

Take care of your hygiene this Halloween - Breakfast Television - Oct. 26, 2017
Dr. Michael Rotholz sits down with Breakfast Television to discuss the dangers of cosmetic contact lenses and ways to safeguard the eyes if individuals choose to wear them this Halloween.

A reminder to get your kids's eyes checked - Orangeville Today - Oct. 13, 2017
Dr. Raji Pabla discussed possible symptoms a child may exhibit if they have a vision problem and the importance of comprehensive eye exams on the radio show, Orangeville Today. 

Kemptville optometrist raising funds in support of World Sight Day Challenge - Kemptville Advance - Oct. 11, 2017

Local optometrist Dr. C.L. Eamon is taking part in the World Sight Day Challenge to help raise funds for people in underserved communities who are needlessly blind or vision impaired simply because they can’t access an eye exam and glasses. 

CTV Morning Live: Children's Vision Month - CTV Morning Live Ottawa - Oct. 11, 2017
Dr. Kirsten North joined CTV Morning Live to promote Children's Vision Month and the importance of comprehensive eye exams.

NEXTGEN: Dr. Wes McCann – a young optometrist with four practices - Optical Prism - Oct. 2, 2017
Dr. Wes McCann has turned his childhood dream of a career in medicine into a growing success on both the business and health–care sides of the optical sector.

Book your child's back-to-school eye exam - Government of Ontario Newsroom - Sept. 18, 2017
Government of Ontario issued a news release Ontario-wide featuring OAO and the Find A Doctor Tool.

Is your child really ready to learn? - 680 News Toronto - Aug. 16, 2017
Dr. Joseph Chan discussed the link between vision and learning and the importance of comprehensive eye exams for children on 680 News Toronto. 

Getting your children's eyesight checked - Breakfast Television - Oct. 20, 2016
Dr. Mike Rotholz joined Breakfast Television to share some facts about children's vision and the importance of comprehensive eye exams for children.

Parents turn a blind eye to children's eye health - CTV Northern Ontario - Sept. 10, 2016
A recent survey conducted by the Canadian Association of Optometrists found that eye health was ranked low on the list of parent's priorities for their children.

Eye See Eye Learn program focuses on academic achievement - Welland Tribune - Aug. 30, 2016
Dr. Richard Saari discussed children's vision and the Eye See...Eye Learn program during the back-to-school season.

5 things you should know about eye health and eye exams - CBC Radio Windsor Morning - May 9, 2016
Dr. Todd Wilbee recently spoke with Windsor Morning on CBC Radio about what optometrists can do on top of checking a patient's vision.

Vision and hearing tests available at all Bluewater schools - Meaford Express - April 29, 2016
Bluewater District School Board is expanding its partnership with the Lions club and the Ontario Association of Optometrists’ Eye See...Eye Learn program to offer free vision pretesting and hearing assessments to junior kindergarten students during April and May.

How Often Should You Have an Eye Exam? - Best Health Magazine - February 2016
20/20 vision is only one aspect of eye health. Dr. Jeff Goodhew explains why and how often you need to have an eye exam.

Helping kids see the future - Timmins Today - Feb. 19, 2016
Last fall, Kirkland Lake’s three Boards of Education approved a vision screening research study - a collaboration between OAO and The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

Senior Eye Care - CTV Ottawa Morning Live - Jan. 20, 2016
Dr. Kirsten North on CTV Morning Live discussing seniors' vision, and why it's important to get an annual comprehensive eye exam.

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