I have developed dry eye after a corneal injury. My corneal epithelium has healed now but my eyes still have a burning sensation. My tear break up time is currently 2 seconds. However, last year it was 10 seconds.  Is this going to become a chronic condition or can I expect it to resolve itself?  

Corneal injuries can vary in impact both in the acute period (the time to heal the initial injury) and in the long term. 

It is possible that after the acute injury has healed, the tissue is more susceptible to inflammation and further damage. Ultimately, once the eye is in this cycle of inflammation it can affect other parts of the tear layers even at a chemical level. 

I would urge getting an appropriate assessment of your ocular surface and tear system by your optometrist who will be better able to assess for dry eye disease and suggest an appropriate treatment plan. It is important to have it assessed early as with any condition, early diagnosis leads to more effective treatment.
If you don’t have an optometrist, you can use OAO’s find-a-doctor tool to locate one near you. 

All the best, 

Dr. Richard Maharaj, OD