Urgent care

What role do optometrists play in treating urgent eye care issues?

Most optometrists provide care for urgent eye health issues like pink eye and eye injuries (including removing foreign bodies from the eye).  Optometrists can also assess unusual or sudden vision changes, as well as various conditions causing eye pain.  When necessary, referrals are made to specialists, such as ophthalmologists, for advanced medical or surgical care. If you have an eye-related emergency, contact your optometrist. 

Do you need a referral to see an optometrist?

No.  In many cases, an optometrist can often see you on the same day. 

What are some common symptoms of eye infections?

Common symptoms include:
     • Redness
     • Pain
     • Discharge
     • Blurry Vision
     • Light sensitivity
     • Swelling

Where do most eye injuries occur?

     • 44%: at home
     • 16%: at work
     • 14%: at school or other
     • 15%:  during sports and recreation
     • 11%:  on the road