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Dr. Shaheer Aboobaker
Dr. Kashif Baig 
Dr. Sondra Black
Dr. Joseph Blondeau
Dr. Marc R. Bloomenstein
Dr. Trenton Cleghern
Dr. Jason E. Compton
Marion Finkelstein
Dr. Fatimah Gilani
Dr. Nadine Furtado

Dr. Jay M. Haynie
Dr. Sheldon Herzig 
Dr. Blair Lonsberry
Dr. Richard Maharaj
Dr. Danica Marrelli
Dr. Cameron McCrodan
Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis
Joyce Van Rooyen
Dr. Jerome Sherman
Jonathan Smith
Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino
Dr. Elizabeth Steele
Dr. Raymond Stein
Dr. David Talley
Dr. Patrick Vollmer
Dr. David Wilkinson
Dr. Debby Yeung



1.01B Canadian Optometry: Carpe Diem Speaker: Dr. Richard Maharaj
1.01B Handout

1.02A Social Media Marketing for the Optometric Practice Speaker:Dr. Jason E. Compton
1.02A Handout

1.03A Pharmacology Update Speaker:Dr. Patrick Vollmer
1.03A Handout

1.04A SECO Presents: Maximizing the OCT in Glaucoma COPE ID 51389-GL Speaker: 
Dr. Danica Marrelli
1.04A Handout

1.05 Visual Field Workshop  Speakers: Dr. Nadine Furtado and Wayne Stobie 
1.05 Handout

1.06A Role of the Optometrist in the New Era of Cataract Surgery COPE ID 59745-PO Speaker: 
Dr. Sondra Black
1.06A Handout 

1.07A Introduction to Neuro-optometry for the Primary care OD COPE ID 61681-NO Speaker: Dr. Cameron McCordan 
1.07A Handout

1.08A The Power of Vision Therapy COPE ID 60296-FV Speaker: Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis 
1.08A Handout 

1.09 How to Triage Emergencies on the Phone  Speaker: Dr. Nadine Furtado 
1.09 Handout

1.10B Preservatives in Eye Medications Are Not All Bad The Evidence Speaker: Dr. Joseph Blondeau
1.10B Handout

1.11 You're driving me crazy! (a.k.a. how to deal with personality clashes without pulling out all your hair)   Speaker: Marion Gobb Finkelstein
1.11 Handout


2.01A Femtosecond Technology Now and in the Future of Eye Care Speaker: Dr. David Talley 
2.01A Handout 

2.02A An Update on Oral Medications Speaker: Dr. Patrick Vollmer
2.02A Handout 

2.03B Dynamic Developments in AMD Diagnosis and the Importance of Macular Carotenoids Speaker: Dr. Jerome Sherman
2.03B Handout

2.04 Excite, Entice and Encourage Speaker: Joyce Van Rooyen
2.04 Handout

2.05A Interpretation of Retinal Disease as Seen with SDOCT Imaging - A Comprehensive Review COPE ID 62175-PD Speaker:Dr. Jay Haynie
2.05A Handout 

2.06A Management of Optic Nerve Edema Speaker: Dr. Trenton Cleghern
2.06A Handout

2.07A The Continuum in Care in Keratoconus: From Spectables to Contact Lenses to Surgery COPE ID 55960-AS Speaker:Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino
2.07A Handout 

2.08 Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses" and "The Future of Retail  Speaker:Jonathan Smith
2.08 Handout. 

2.09A The Glaucoma Grab Bag: Practical Guidelines for Effective Glaucoma Therapy COPE ID 61296-GL Speaker: Dr. Danica Marrelli
2.09A Handout

2.10A Corneal Options for your Presbyope...Please Get Rid of my Glasses COPE ID 52482-RS Speakers: Dr. Sondra Black and Dr. Marc R. Bloomenstein
2.10A Handout 

2.11A Concussions and Vision COPE ID 61682-NO Speaker: Dr. Cameron McCrodan
2.11A Handout

2.12 Unleashing the Power of Facebook Marketing  Speaker:Dr. Jason E. Compton
2.12 Handout  

2.13A  Unraveling Uveitus COPE ID 52301-AS Speaker: Dr. Trenton Cleghern
2.13A Handout 

2.14 How to Make Google Work for Your Practice Speaker:Dr. Jason E. Compton
2.14 Handout

2.15A Optometry in the Age of Disruption: How Good Doctors Compete with Bad Companies Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino
2.15A Handout

2.16 In-Office Urgencies and Emergencies: Are You Ready? Speaker:Dr. Elizabeth Steele
2.16 Handout 

2.17A Intravitreal Injections What You Need to Know COPE ID 61721-PS Speaker: Dr. Jay Haynie
2.17A Handout 

2.18A SECO Presents: Visual Field Interpretation in Glaucoma COPE ID 51263-GL Speaker: Dr. Danica Marrelli
2.18A Handout

2.19A Strategies for the Post-RK Patient Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino
2.19A Handout 

2.20  New Rules of Technology Speaker: Joyce Van Rooyen
2.20 Handout 

2.21A Expert Insights on Dry Eye a Multifactorial Disease COPE ID 61341-AS Speaker: Dr. Marc R. Bloomenstein
2.21A Handout 

2.22A Clinical Grand Rounds  Speaker: 
Dr. Patrick Vollmer
2.22A Handout 

2.23A Quick and Easy Primary Care Screening for Learning Related Vision Problems COPE ID 52246-FV Speaker: Dr. Cameron McCrodan
2.23A Handout

2.24 Delivering Exceptional Customer Service  Speaker:Joyce Van Rooyen
2.24 Handout

2.25A Nutritional Supplementation for Ocular Conditions COPE ID 61149-PH  Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Steele
2.25A Handout 

2.26A  Unleashing the Power of Facebook Marketing Speaker: Dr. Jason E. Compton
2.26A Handout

2.27A The Lens and the Brain COPE ID 61680-NO Speaker:Dr. Cameron McCrodan
2.27A Handout

2.28 Scleral lens Insertion and Removal Made Easy Workshop  Speaker: Dr. Debby Yeung
2.28 Handout 

2.29A The Patient-Optometrist Relationship:  Regulatory Considerations from Beginning to End Speaker: Dr. David Wilkinson 
2.29A Handout


3.01A Imaging Interpretation for the Comprehensive Eye Care Professional COPE ID 49741-PD Speaker: Dr. Blair Lonsberry
3.01A Handout 

3.02A The Power of Your Story COPE ID 62021-PM Speaker: Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis 
3.02A Handout

3.03B The Refractive Surgery: Today and the Future Speaker: Dr. Raymond Stein
3.03B Handout

3.04A Retinal Complications of Obstructive Sleep Apnea COPE ID 61722-PS Speaker: Dr. Jay Haynie
3.04A Handout 

3.05A Pharmaceutical Agents Under Development in Eye Care Speaker: Dr. David Talley
3.05A Handout 

3.06A Under Pressure Know the Hypertensive Guidelines COPE ID 60134-SD Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Steele
3.06A Handout 

3.07B Surgery for High Myopia and Aberration Analysis for IOLs Speaker: Dr. Sheldon Herzig and Dr. Kashif Baig 
3.07B Handout

3.08A Referral Center Grand Rounds Speaker: Dr. Trenton Cleghern
3.08A Handouts 

3.09A An Update on Clinical, Medical and Technological Advances in Retina
Speaker: Dr. Fatimah Gilani and Dr. Shaheer Aboobaker

3.09A Handouts

3.10A In-Office Urgencies and Emergencies Are You Ready? COPE ID 61146-GO  Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Steele
3.10A Handouts 

3.11A The Anomalous Optic Nerve Speaker: Dr. David Talley
3.11A Handouts 

3.12A Refractive Surgery Treatments COPE ID 61378-RS Speaker: Dr. Marc R. Bloomenstein
3.12A Handouts 

3.13A Uveitis Systemic and Ocular Approaches to Management COPE ID 59152-SD Speaker: Dr. Blair Lonsberry
3.13A Handouts 

3.14A Anisocoria or Pupil Pathology  Speaker: Dr. David Talley
3.14A Handouts 

3.15A Straight Outta Tears Treating and Managing MGD, Lid Bugs and Other Lid Thugs COPE ID 61377-AS Speaker: Dr. Marc R. Bloomenstein
3.15A Handouts 

3.16A Eyelid Lesions COPE ID 49269-AS Speaker: Dr. Blair Lonsberry 
3.16A Handouts