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1.02 Social Media Marketing for the Optometric Practice
Dr. Jason E. Compton
In this day and age, most people recognize the importance of social media marketing for small businesses. The trick is to learn how to use it effectively. This lecture is designed to teach ECP’s not only how to get the attention of their target audience, but more importantly to know what to do with that attention when they have it.

1.05 Visual Field Workshop (maximum 40 participants)
Dr. Nadine Furtado and Wayne Stobie
This workshop is designed to review the key concepts and techniques of visual field testing. Part of the session will involve a presentation discussing the principles of visual field interpretation and analysis. The remainder of the time will be used for a practical workshop involving hands-on experience with Octopus visual field instruments. 

1.09 How to Triage Emergencies on the Phone
Dr. Nadine Furtado 
This course will review common ocular emergencies with which optometric assistants should be familiar. It will discuss how to identify important symptoms and signs that a patient might be experiencing, and how to subsequently determine urgency of referral.

1.11 You're driving me crazy! (a.k.a. how to deal with personality clashes without pulling out all your hair)
Marion Gobb Finkelstein
You deal with all types of clients and colleagues. Some of them are wonderful and others, well they aren’t. In this session, you’ll discover various personality and communication types (including your own) and find that those “difficult people” in your life might not be as much difficult as they are different. The key is recognizing the differences and building bridges between them.


2.04 Excite, Entice and Encourage
Speaker: Joyce Van Rooyen
Inspire Staff Engagement and Productivity through Challenges and Incentives. Who says work can’t be fun? How do you keep the staff in your office inspired to do better or be more engaged? In this presentation we’ll take a look at ways to motivate and inspire your office, using team-based or individual challenges and incentives. Competition in the office can be good, as long as it’s friendly, challenging, but most importantly fun.

2.08 Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses" and "The Future of Retail
Speaker: Jonathan Smith
Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses: Learn the concepts behind Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses technology when merged with the Power of the Brand. Understand the benefits, features, & quality standards of owning the full complete pair (Shape, True-color Range, Logo) and confidently comprehend the ideal way to build a connection with the consumer.

The Future of Retail in Optical: Partner with Luxottica to gain insight on the evolution of an optical retail environment. Elevate the retail experience for customers, increase conversion rate, create up-selling opportunities for branded frames and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

2.12 Unleashing the Power of Facebook Marketing
Speaker: Dr. Jason E. Compton
When marketing your practice, you always need to find effective ways to get in front of your potential patients. Facebook provides a method to market your target audience, but you must play by their rules. This lecture will teach you tips on how to effectively market your practice on Facebook.  

2.16 In-Office Urgencies and Emergencies: Are You Ready?
Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Steele
2.16 Handout
In-office urgent and emergent situations are common, and more importantly can threaten vision and or life. Readiness and confidence in handling such situations are crucial. This course will cover a myriad of situations through case examples, including ocular conditions such as optic neuritis and corneal burns, as well as systemic conditions such as cranial nerve palsies, hypertensive crisis, seizure, hyperhypoglycemia, and sycope.

2.20  New Rules of Technology
Speaker: Joyce Van Rooyen
In this session, we look at how the economy has evolved from a goods/service economy to an experience economy and how technology impacts the patient experience both inside and outside the practice. We analyse each patient touchpoint in a practice – front desk, pretesting, exam lane, contact lens area and gallery – and discuss how technology can enhance the experience of each patient. Outside the office, social media is where we all live now so using technology in that area to boost your message and engage patients when they are not in your office is also discussed.  

2.24 Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
Speaker: Joyce Van Rooyen
Patient retention in today’s optometric practice continues to be an ongoing challenge. The patient is exposed to mass media marketing on a daily basis from every medium of eye care.  This workshop will outline why patient service is THE key competitive advantage and how creating an exceptional experience will instill patient engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. To set our practices apart we need to be continually improving and raising our level of service to keep the patients we have and gain new ones.  Patient loyalty is priceless. 

2.28 Scleral lens Insertion and Removal Made Easy Workshop
Speaker: Dr. Debby Yeung
2.28 Handout
Successful management of the patient with irregular corneas with contact lenses can sometimes be a frustrating process for both patients and the eye care providing team. This process can be easier if more members of the team have a basic understanding of these medical devices. Staff is a great asset in the patient education and training process. Competence in scleral lenses application, removal and care can facilitate the overall fitting process.